Frequently asked questions

General questions

What does my warrnaty cover

Your warranty covers any manufactures faults that may accur after the repair has taken place. The warranty does not cover any accidental damage, Drops, Cracks, Water damage.

How long does the average repair take

The average time for mosts repairs is between 30 and 45 minuties. this does not include Microsoldering repairs where the averge time for advanced repairs is 3-5days.

Do i lose any data

No. in any standared repair where the device was fully working before you will not lose any data. In repairs where data may be lost we will advice you of this before hand. in the case of a device needing a full reset we will advise you before any reset will take place.

Do we use original apple parts

It is well knowen with in the repair indistry that Apple do not sell there parts. the parts we use in iPhone and iPad repairs are the best aftermarket parts in the indistry. Companys like FX5, Itruecolur offer you the best of both worlds. Cost affective and excatily like original Quality.