We Fix all iMac's & Desktops. Apple iMacs, Gaming Computers, Office & Desktop, Lenovo, Sony, Acer and many more. With all the best equipment the industry has to offer and only quality parts used in all repairs, we can guarantee you will be happy with your repair or upgrade .

Reasons to use us

Pro Technicians - Our Pros are up to any challenge. Repairing any type of tech from drones to server equipment, car keys to PCB Board trace repairs. there is nothing we wont take a look at. 

Fast Turnaround - 30 Mins average repair time with more advanced repairs usually done within 5 working days. 

Over 8000 repairs offered same or next day.

Micro-soldering Lab - We have an on site micro-soldering facility  and unlike many others we do all of our repairs in house, no matter how big or small. We specialise in PCB logic board repairs

Lifetime Warranty - We have so much faith in the parts we use that we offer a lifetime warranty on over 8000 repairs. Repairs not under lifetime  come with a 12 month warranty.

Data Protection - Our technicians are trained up to the latest data protection act policies. We always recommend backing up your device before any repairs.

Fantastic Aftercare - In the event you do have to use your warranty, you will receive fast and prompt communication from experienced staff. 

iMac & Desktop Repair Prices 

iMac repairs 


CPU Issues                                                              From£59.95


RAM Issues                                                            From£39.95

Motherboard Issues                                          From£109.95

HDD Issues                                                             From£69.95

SSD Upgrades                                                        From£69.95

PSU Issues                                                              From£69.95

GPU Issues                                                           From£109.95

Data Recovery                                                      From£99.95

Desktop repairs 


CPU Issues                                                              From£54.95


RAM Issues                                                            From£54.95

Motherboard Issues                                            From£54.95

HDD Issues                                                             From£59.95

SSD Upgrades                                                        From£59.95

PSU Issues                                                              From£69.95

GPU Issues                                                           From£109.95

Custom PC Builds                                               From£309.95