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Galaxy S22

Android cracked screen-min.png

Screen Replacement


We do not provide this service - we only provide original screens


Screen Type :  Factory

Superior Screen quality

Lifetime Warranty

Repaired in 60 minutes

In-store Repair

We come to you


World's BEST protection

Used by NASA on the ISS

Available in Ultra 2, Privacy & Matt

Back covers in many different Textures, Pattens & Colour's

Protection pro screen.png
Protection pro back.png
Android battery-min.png

Battery Issues

Getting hot while charging ?

losing charge though out the day ?

Phone slower than usual ?

Book a battery replacement today.

All batteries we supply only come with a 12-month warranty.

Android diagnostics-min.png


Not sure of the issue?

Don't worry we can get our technicians to give you a full report on your device

Enquire today.

All our work comes with a £14.99 service charge,

This service is free if a repair is carried out.


We can repair anything Android related..

Android charger port-min.png
Charger Port Repair
Android earspeaker-min.png
Earspeaker Repair
Android Front camera-min.png
Front Camera Repair
Android software issues-min.png
Software Issues
Android water damage-min.png
Water Damaged
Loud Speaker Repair
Android loud speaker-min.png
Microphone Repair
Android microphone-min.png
Rear Camera Repair
Android rear camera-min.png
Rear Camera Lense Repair
Android rear camera lense-min.png
Flashlight Repair
Android flask light-min.png
Charger Port Repair
Android charger port-min.png
Software Issues
Android software issues-min.png
Water Damage
Android water damage-min.png
Backglass Repair
Android rear camera lense.png

Repair or service not listed above ?

Don't worry we still have you covered; we can't list all the repairs we do due to the amount we actually offer. 

Some of the services we offer are;

Game Consoles, Computes, iMac's, MacBook's, Laptops even PCB board repairs.

We have advanced knowledge of all electronics no issues are unsolvable.

Accessories your device deserves

We offer some of the best protection in the business. with big brands like ProtectionPro, Grip Glass, JoyRoom. We have you fully covered. 

Joyroom screen protector.png
Joyroom power bank.png
Joyroom car charger 3.png
Joyroom car charger 2.png
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