Here is a little about us

How we started as a company, and how we have grown over time. 

Who we are 


Steve Garner was the founder of Repairbase in 2019. It is a sister company to Replacebase, which is also founded by Steve. Replacebase is the UK's largest supplier of mobile phone components.

George and Georgina began George's iPhone Repairs in 2015 and own a shop in Rushden with a well established customer base. 


About the company


In 2020 George's iPhone Repairs teamed up and merged with Repairbase and will continue to operate under the Repairbase name at both stores. 

George and Georgina operate the day to day running of all of our stores, assisted by a team of knowledgeable and well trained technicians. 

With plans for future stores and mobile repair vans, we are always working on projects and new ways to be able to offer our customers the most we can!