We are only as good as the parts we use.

As a repair company you can offer the best customer service there is around but if you use cheap parts, this will in the end effect how people see your repairs. At Repair Base we only fit the best parts at the best prices around. We also understand that sometimes screens and parts may become faulty so this is why we offer a life time warranty with all Phone and Tablet repairs. (12month warranty on all battery repairs) 

Below we have listed a few of the parts we use the most. The list contains who we use for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei & More.


iPhone - FX5 Screens

FX5 Screen are what we use on all iPhone repairs. FX5 Screens are aftermarket screen but like other big brands in this industry follow how Apple screens are made and also follow the same high QC Standards.


FX5 uses additional color gamuts to improve tones. FX5 goes beyond original and improves colors even further giving you deeper blacks, stronger reds, brighter whites and darker blues.

Along side the Color accuracy of these screens they also have other features that most aftermarket screen do not do to save money.

360 degree view

Your original device has a built in polarizer that allows you to view your screen with polarized sunglasses at any angle. Most cheaper screens only have 180 degree polarizers making them harder to see from some angles

Oleophobic coating

The manufacturer of your device installs an Oleophobic coating onto each screen, this allows your fingers to glide across the screen without interruption, the FX5 includes a nano Oleophobic coating that repels dirt and gives a smooth feel with little friction.

Cold pressed frames

With out Cold Pressed Fames means that the glass can lift from the frame over time. All of our screens are individually cold pressed for 15 minutes to completely avoid this issue

Touch responsiveness

FX5 has improved video drivers, this allows your touch to be smooth and responsive.

Phone - Replacebase Batteries

Replacebase batteries for mobile phones and tablets are one of the best aftermarket batteries on the market. We have used them in every repair since we 1st started. These batteries perform just as the original Apple battery but with one big difference these will keep going well past when the original battery starts to fade. We only offer a 12 Month warranty on these batteries because batteries are a consumable item.

Original batteries only last around 2 years of light to medium use before you really notice that the battery life is not lasting as long. For heavy user this could be as low as 12-18 months.  

Replacebase batteries on the other hand for heavy users should last around 24 months before you notice the battery fade.  


Phone - Small Parts OEM

When it comes to Charger ports, Earpiece speakers, and other small components we only use OEM Parts. The term OEM mean Original Equipment Manufacture. This means the parts are made by the contractors of the original company who supply's the same parts to the original manufacture of the device. These parts are made with the same materials with the same QC Processes. these will perform exactly the same as the original part that is in the device as it was from new.


This is the case for all mobile phone and tablet parts that are not screen and batteries.  

All repairs usuing OEM Parts are covered by our lifetime warranty. 

Phone - Screens that are not iPhone 

When it comes to other devices, Google, Huawei, LG, Samsung. we only use Original Parts. These parts are service pack parts from the original phone manufacture. No cheap knock offs. only original.


We offer a lifetime warranty on these repairs.  

We now also offer genuine screen for all devices inc apple